• Alloy Mono

    Alloy Mono

    A lot of research and testing was done before the first trailer went on the road and to date over one hundred Alloy trailers have been built. Our orders come from repeat customers and those that value the lighter tare. Not only are they durable and able to withstand a harsh environment, more importantly they are able to achieve a lower tare weight than that of steel construction


  • Jackson Steel Trailer

    Jackson Steel Trailer

    Proven to last the test of time, a vast majority of our units have been constructed with the steel chassis. Although not now as popular as the Alloy chassis due to their tare weight, we are still able to offer this type of build to our customers. Specifications for a Standard Jackson 4 Axle of 5 Axle Include:  Fabricated steel main chassis Pressed steel outrigger supports


  • Jackson Stock Deck

    Jackson Stock Deck

    Your stock deck is constructed to the highest standard and to meet the heavy demands of on and off road. Specifications for a Standard Jackson Stock Deck Include: Deck 3mm Corten steel Combing Alloy over steel Drain tray at rear Effluent tank at rear left Air operated effluent valve Certified draw beam and 50mm Ringfeeder LED tailights Five side lights One