• Livestock

    New Zealand's leading manufactures of alloy monocoque stock trailers for the past 10 years, Jackson enterprises specialises in this new era of manufacturing. Although this new era of construction covers the majority of our units, we still offer our customer the choice of steel construction.

  • Curtainsiders

    Currently the only manufacturing company in New Zealand to manufacture an alloy chassis for customers not only chasing a lower tare weight, but also those looking for a unit which will withstand the test of time. The two main benefits of having an alloy chassis are a lower tare weight is achieved and also rust issues are also eliminated.

  • Tipping Units

    Proficient in the skills of manufacturing tipping units over the past 20 years. Whatever style of unit you require we can guarantee your tipping unit will be able to handle the work it was built for.

  • Heavy Transporter

    Need to move big gear? Whatever equipment that needs moving be it machinery, heavy vehicles or containers your custom made Transporter will do the job. With the addition of bolster racks, concrete panels or pipes can also be transported, making your Transporter a cost effective, versatile piece of equipment.

  • Hardsiders

    We manufacture our Hardsiders in various configurations, including Trucks and Trailers, B Trains and Quads. All are built to the highest possible standard using the latest technologies, incorporating your specific requirements into the build.

  • Specialist

    Development and design of new products is ongoing through constant research from our Design Team. Whether it be redeveloping and enhancing existing products or launching a whole new design concept, we are able to manage your build to the highest standard, however 'out of the box' it may be to meet your unique requirements.

  • Effluent Valves

    Manufactured on site for the past 15 years this patented design offers either air operated or a manual release system.

  • Weighbridge

    For all of your weighing needs this is a new service we are able to offer.